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Tips for Real Estate  

  • Lawns mowed – hedges, trees pruned/trimmed and leaves raked and bagged. 

  • CUT DEAD FOLIAGE OR BRANCHES ON TREES ….Run sprinklers 10 minutes prior to shoot.

  • Sidewalks and Driveway clear of vehicles, no garbage bins, toys, bikes etc.

  • Nothing on Kitchen and Bathroom counters (bare please) plants or fresh flowers only.

  • Rooms clean, neat and de-cluttered totally (Ritz-Carlton standards and look)

  • Bathrooms – No bottles (at all of any kind) of soap, bars of soap in bathtub area or shower, throw rugs removed, counters cleared

  • Animals locked securely away / animal droppings picked up in the front and backyard

  •  All Light bulbs replaced and working as all lights will need to be on both inside and out. If you’re having Twilight Photographs/Evening Photography, please make sure that all outside lights are cleaned and working. Replace any light bulbs, especially ones that are in garden beds, shrubs, trees, the POOL/SPA and pool/deck common areas.

  • Blinds open, all ceiling fans TURNED OFF

  • Family photo’s removed (PHOTOS MAY SHOW UP ON INTERNET)

  • Beds, sheets and skirts on beds made tight and pillows quaffed (military or high-end hotel standards) Stand back and look at the bed before you leave the room –no throws at all 

  •  Window glass and Mirrors wiped (no streaks)

  • Swimming Pool, remove pool sweeper from pool, pool accessories, Set up your patio furniture with cushions, plants etc.

  • Back yard de-cluttered NO Toys, yard tools,  garbage cans, make it look nice

  • Rugs vacuumed/floors swept /Remove all AREA  rugs from kitchen/bath-rooms

  •  Drapes even in width and length on each sides. Remove as much as possible ……. streamlined viewing should be in your sight always, your home & property should showcase cleanliness, refinement along with elegance while listed.

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